Friday, August 31, 2018

All in a days work.

Hey, today is Friday.  Although I quickly learned that Friday and weekend do not mean much at all in this industry!  It's nonstop moving, unless its not.  Huh?

Mark is allowed to be on duty 70 hours to work every 8 days.  The days are broken down into 11 hours of drive time, 3 hours of on-duty not driving before he must take a 10 hour break. 

Got it?

He has to manage his time so that he does not run out of those hours, in those 8 days.  If he runs out of hours he has to do one of two things  A) a 34 hour reset or B) wait until 9th day and then start running recap hours.  Recap hours are based on the hours that he ran 7 days prior.

Confused yet?

Anytime we are at a delivery or pick up waiting to be loaded or unloaded, that is using his 14 hours .  The first 2 hours and 45 minutes are his on duty not driving hours (the 1st 15 minutes are used in the morning doing his pre-trip inspection).  Anytime we sit and wait to be loaded or unloaded and it takes longer than that 2h and 45m, it eats into his on duty driving time.  That is no bueno.

Each day he plans to drive more than 8 hours, he has to take a 30 minute break (off duty) within that first 8 hours in order to legally drive the remainder of his 11 hours of drive time.

Ohhh, ok.  That makes sense now.  Let me know if you get it or not...I still need it explained to me! :)

Now I leave you with some random photos from the week,

LSU Stadium

Nashville (I think)

Tennessee Titans Stadium

I may or may not have thrown a small fit that we could not go here.

Airplane and a ton of cars in a field in Gary, Indiana

Corn for days

The plane! The Plane!

Chicago O'Hare Airport

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