Monday, August 13, 2018

All over the map

Hey all!  Its been a busy few days for us.  Since Thursday we have been in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.

Wyoming. It should be called Wow-oming.  I just could not believe how beautiful it was.  I took over 300 pics in this state.  It was breathtaking. Simply.  The mountains and views were just spectacular. I did get my first real taste of riding in a 74,000 pound vehicle down steep graded mountain passes.  Woo wee.  I wont lie, there was more than once when I questioned if I was up to this.  Mark kept saying " I know what I am doing, baby".  I told him that I had total faith in him, but it will still new and scary to me.  I mean, I know a pilot  knows how to fly the plane, but I still hate to fly! 

At one point, we were at a rest area in Wyoming and I thought to myself " I am in Wyoming. WHAT???"  I could not believe I was there.  It's just not something I ever thought I would be doing.  This is truly one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  Mark and I are having so much fun together.  I cannot imagine doing anything else at this time in my life.

I wasn't expecting much from Idaho except to see a bunch of potatoes, which I did not see any.
Southeast part of Idaho was kind of boring.  Not much to see. It was kind of flat and plain.  A small let down after the stunning beautiful of Wyoming.  However, my early judgments proved to be unfair as Western Idaho was gorgeous as well!  It was a wide state and seemed to take forever.  Maybe that was because we had several different loads in ID before heading out. We spent the night at the Swift Terminal and did some laundry.  Fun galore.  Oh, also we went to Walmart to get some groceries.  The WM we went to was in Washington.  The prices were a little higher than I am used to on some things , the same for most. It was 100 degrees.  I really did not think it got that hot in the NW.

We were just in a small corner of Oregon but also got some great views.  The mountain passes got me again and at one point, I just sat in the back where I would not annoy Mark with my gasps, imaginary breaking and clawing at the armrests.  I hope that someday soon I will get used to this.
  We were traveling down US 95 and came upon stopped traffic.  Another trucker came over the CB and said there was a car accident with two fatalities and we would be stopped for about three hours. So, we sat in traffic not moving.  I was reading so the time passed quickly.  Adam also called me via messenger video chat so that made me happy. 

We started seeing traffic coming in other direction so we knew we were going to start moving.  When we finally got to the site of the accident my heart just broke.  Both of the cars were still on site, the belongings from the vehicles were all over the side of the road.  Toys and clothing everywhere.  The cars were destroyed. I just prayed for the families and cried.   We ended up running out of time so we stopped at a truck stop in Winnemucka NV.  I was glad because by this time my nerves were shot.  I did have a break down of major proportions once we got to the truck stop.  I told Mark that I was not cut out for this.  I told him I was not used to being totally dependent upon someone else, not having my own income, etc and then I totally broke down about the accident victims.  They were just going along and in one second their lives ripped apart.  Even for the survivors, they would never be the same.  I had never seen anything like that before and it really affected me.  I went to sleep that night in tears, but thanking the Lord that my family and friends were safe.

To be continued...

Wyoming Welcome Center

Mom- this is the white stuff I was asking you about.

There are SO MANY COWS out west!

I love when the clouds cast a shadow on the mountains

A Buffalo (not real) 

Peace out Colorado!

Good morning from Colorado!


  1. Sorry you saw such a tragic situation. I felt exactly the same last Sunday at the beach. So horrific to see people having so much fun and enjoying life and then for it to all be so immediately destroyed. Glad you’re enjoying your time and learning to let him take care of you!