Sunday, May 31, 2020

So many thoughts, so little to say.

It's been a hard week.  I thought about doing a post about my feelings but not even sure how or what to put down.  So, instead you get this.  Lucky you.

Last week we delivered in Iowa and then picked up a load heading to California.  Not much exciting.  Did get to take my sister through Vegas with me via video call.  LOL  Not much going on there  The new Raiders stadium is sick, wish I could take a tour of that place!

We had to do a 34 hour reset in California so we cleaned the truck and got the laundry done,  Then I spent pretty  much all of Sunday afternoon and Monday sick in bed.  Restarting a med that is kicking my tail for now.

We delivered in Ontario, CA on Tuesday and then picked up a load to deliver in Seattle.  Weather was gorgeous and the traffic was moving.  We dropped, then picked up a load heading to Nebraska.

Mt Shasta
The weather has been beautiful, hot!  Today is the first day we do not need to run the A/C.  We are currently in Rapid City, SD.  Just 25 miles from Mount Rushmore.  Slightly salty that I cannot see it but well ya know, Covid.

We deliver in Nebraska on Monday, then pick up a load going to MA.  I have not been to any of the New England states so I am looking forward to something new.  We will be home next weekend for a couple days before heading back out.

Sorry this is boring.  Just so much on my mind that does not include writing a blog about this stuff.

Pics are of NV,CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY and SD.  I will try to do better at captioning them or telling you where they are in some way.

Love to all.  Be safe, and be kind.  You don't have to understand what someone is dealing with in order to be supportive of them.  Love one another.

Las Vegas


Mt. Shasta

Mt Shasta

Mt Shasta ( I may be obsessed with her)

Downtown Portland

Mt Rainier, WA

Mt Rainier, WA

Wildlife Crosswalk in Snoqualmie, WA  Watch a video on this here:
                                                                Wildlife crosswalk

There is a crane in the tree that you can barely see.
 Columbia River, Washington



Bighorn Mountain Range


Black Hills National Cemetery, SD

Black Hills National Cemetary, SD