Sunday, August 5, 2018

The stars at night are big and bright...

Deep in the South of Texas.

Laredo, Texas.  Just about a south as you can get before you cross the border into Mexico.
This is where we delivered the trailer to on Saturday morning.  Texas is HUGE.  I mean, on Thursday we went through NC, SC and GA.  Friday was AL, MS and LA.   We stayed Friday night practically on the border of  LA and TX and it still took us nearly all day to get to Laredo.  Today we left Laredo and made it to Dallas ( current location) and it took us seven and a half hours.  It will take us another seven and a half hours tomorrow as we head to Loveland, CO.

Yesterday I fell in the parking lot a the truck stop.  Aside from hurting my elbow and my knee, my pride was badly damaged.  Mark was wigging out because he thought I landed on my face (a la Piper in OITNB) but I did not.  He was all " Are you ok, are you ok"as helped  me up and I just wanted to get up and get moving before anyone else may have seen me!   My elbow is scuffed up and my knee was pretty messed up. My whole body hurts today, guess I am not as  young as I used to be.

We had to get an oil change last night and let me tell you, y'all better appreciate your drive in, wait 20 minutes and drive out oil changes we get on our cars.  We waited three hours for our turn, and then the oil change took 90 minutes.  Oh, and it costs about $250!!!  I nearly stroked out. Thank goodness for his maintenance account.  We could not be in the truck while it was in the shop so we had Burger King for dinner at the truck stop.  I got a chicken sandwich, Mark got a double Whopper Combo(small).  The total was over $17.  Yet another way they rip off the professional drivers.  I will say though that this truck stop was pretty nice.  They had a pool table room, laundry, nice showers and a little movie room all for the drivers.

Today was rough for me.  I was feeling lonely and in a lot of pain.  I am really loving being with Mark and (knock on wood) it's the best we have ever gotten along but today I just felt lonely for my friends, kids, family, etc.  Thankfully I got to talk to my mom and then sister called and I gave her a truck tour on video chat via Messenger.  Talking to them both made me feel better.  I am hoping tomorrow is a better day for me. 

Crocheting is coming along, just learned a new stitch.  Tomorrow, I am taking on granny squares.

Going to go make some microwave strawberry shortcake for my handsome husband now. Then I am off to bed.  Excited to go through two more states tomorrow that I have never been too.

Love to all.

Welcome to Texas

Gas prices are way lower in Texas than in NC!

Exit 859...they started at 880 and go to 0.

Oil Refinery

Oh hey daddy, I see you in that cloud with the rainbow



so many levels of roads!!

Inspection station heading North

SOOOOOO much traffic!


  1. Glad to see Daddy is with you on your travels! Love you Sissy!!!

    1. He is always with me. And you too! Love you.

  2. Love reading about your adventures! Stay safe

    1. Thank you Maggie. It's fun writing about them.