Monday, August 20, 2018

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!!

It rained just about all day today, everywhere we went (VA, WV, OH and IN).  Not the entire time but enough of the time that when it wasn't raining, we got excited!

We left Virginia this morning heading to Sturgis, MI for our drop tomorrow.  Then it's on to HOPEFULLY sunny Florida for a delivery on Thursday!

Not much else is going on, just trying to settle into the ins and outs of this "vagabond" (thanks, Lisa) existence.

Andrew has been sick for the last week and that made not being at home harder, but he is finally starting to feel better.  Adam started his Junior year of college today, but I got to have a video call with him tonight so that was good too.  I sure do miss them.  That's probably been the hardest part of all of this.  Missing my boys. 

 My best friend Lisa asked me today if this was different than I expected.  I told her that some days are harder than I thought they would be, and that some days I just want to " go home" but most days are good and I am loving being along side Mark.  She asked me about being bored or being stuck in small space.  I told her the only time I got bored was a week or so ago when we were waiting on a load.  The only time I get annoyed with the small space is when I am trying to fix dinner and I do not get all my prep work done beforehand because the its hard to get things out that I need once everything is set up.  Other than that, I am good.  I am finding out that I largely over packed what I would need and so the first chance we go through were storage is, I will be dropping stuff off (or at Adam's house, whichever comes first).  I am not sure why I felt I would need storage containers in like five sizes, three of each, for a dorm room sized refrigerator.  And I am sorting through my 21 days worth of clothing as well.  Not sure why I felt I would need that much. So, I think this truck will look a lot different by the time we are home at the start of November.  Or by the time we leave anyway. :)

One of the biggest challenges I have had is learning to just cook enough for two, with not a lot of leftovers.  From cooking for a family of six to then cooking for a drum corps of 125+, small batch cooking was never my strong suit.  Even when it came to being just Adam and I, I still made enough for 5-6 people!  It's been interesting to say the least.

Oddly enough one of the other things that has been a challenge is being able to mail things!  I carried postcards around for a week because much to my surprise, there are not blue mail boxes all over the place and the two post offices we have seen did not really lend themselves to a big ole 18 wheeler coming on in.

I can say with certainly that Mark loves me and has more patience with me than I ever dreamed possible.  I mean, I have been singing/playing the Sesame Street "Milk" song for over a week now and he has not locked me out of the truck yet.  That's true love right there, folks.
For those of you too young (or too old) to know what I am talking about..prepare to be wowed.

And with that, I bid you goodnight!