Saturday, September 1, 2018

One month in.

Some days it seems like we just got out here, other days it seems like we have always been here.
In the last 30 days I have been in 27 states, some more than once.  That is certainly not anything I thought I would ever be able to say.

To say I have learned a lot about myself in the last 30 days in an understatement.   I would say that I learned that I am strong, but the last few years of my life taught me that already.  What I did realize though, is that as I have gotten older I have apparently become better at adjusting to change, and not being afraid of new things.

In the past, if a plan I made went south, I would darn near lose my mind with worry anxiety and anger.  That all went out the window about the seventh day of being out here.   It's just to hard to hold on to the way you want things to be when the reality of it is, you have no control.  Shew, it was even hard for me to type that.  ;)  I started this journey with meal plans and schedules and all this organization in mind.  Bwahahahahah.  yeah.  That was all for not.  My meal plans now consist of figuring it out as we go along.  Usually goes like this:

Mark- " What are  we having for dinner today?"
Me- " What time are we stopping today?"
Mark- " Probably around 5"
Me-  thinking. Makes a plan with what is available. Gives options.
Mark- chooses an option
Something happens and we do not get stopped until 630, dinner becomes grilled cheese, or whatever restaurant is in the truck stop.

Yesterday was supposed to be pork tenderloin, baby potatoes and salad.  We had Subway.
Today was supposed to be pork tenderloin, baby potatoes and salad.  We had a $5 pizza from Walmart, which I have to say, not to shabby for a $5 pizza from WM.

Tomorrow we WILL have pork tenderloin, baby potatoes and salad because I am putting that sucker in the crock pot at 6am tomorrow when we leave.

But I digress. 

 A year ago I could never have seen myself as showering in a truck stop or being able to use whatever public potty we rolled up to.  Now its old hat.  Though I must admit the rest areas with the "hole in the ground"commodes , I pass on those.

A year ago I could never see myself cooking in a 3x3 space, and living and sleeping in that same space. 

 A year ago I would have never seen myself spending my weekends anywhere other than with drum corps, or going to WCU to see Adam march at every football game. And here I am drum corps-less and missing Adam's first game today.

A year ago I could never see myself going more than a few days without seeing Andrew.  And now, its been a month.  Video calling helps, but I still miss him ( and Adam ) like crazy.

Also a year ago, I had no idea that Mark and I would be back together.  I hoped for it, I prayed for it.  But had no reason to think it would ever happen and yet, here we are.  I get to spend every minute of every day with him (just about) and I would not have it any other way.  Our communication is better than ever and we have laughed more together in the last month than we did in the 3 years before we split up.  It's like we had to take time off, to recenter ourselves before God would bring us back together.

I have prayed more for myself, my husband and my kids in this last month than I ever have.  I firmly believe that is why I have done so well.  I am relying on God more, and myself less.    That's not to say that I do not have my  " I want to go home" moments but when I do, I cry a few minutes and then ask God to help me get it together and I get up and move on.  I worry less and pray more.

I am so excited for what the future holds.  To see the rest of the states I have not seen, to get to start  taking our 34 hour resets at places and being able to sight-see.  It's already been so much fun. 

And I am thankful.  For all of you.  For those of you that have prayed for us in the past and those that continue to do so.  To those of you who actually read these lame blogs of mine.  To those of you that I know I could call if I had a bad day and you would be right there to encourage me and love me.  

I have only one picture to add today ( it was too rainy today to take any good ones).  But today was grocery day.  All this had to be put away, hence the reason we had the $5 WM pizza for dinner.

Also a year ago I never thought I would wear funky leggings, but now I am all about them.
Here are the ones I got today!  These are added to my sugar skulls and my cosmic ones.

As always thank you so much for reading!  
Much love to all!


  1. I love reading about your adventures. I am so happy to hear you and Mark are re- connected. One day at a time. God has a plan, let it happen! Stay safe!

    1. Thank you Maggie! I am glad you enjoy reading the blog!

  2. It has to be so freeing to “let go and let God”! It’s something I really pray I could do more. So glad you guys are making it work and enjoying this lifestyle and each other! It made me smile to think of you to laughing your way across the USA! Love y’all!

    1. Adri if i can do it then you can too! Some days are better than others for sure! Love you!

  3. Happy life is moving on in many directions for the better for you!! Love ur blogs! Have a great Sunday! Hope the porkloin is as good as it sounds! Keep on enjoying life