Friday, September 28, 2018

Purple holographic nail polish, sparkly phone case and other things

Hey y'all!  Sitting in a truck stop in Wyoming with the windows open and the most amazing breeze  blowing through the truck, its about 75 degrees and just perfect.  Just what my heart and soul needed.

It's been a rough couple days out here for some reason.  Lots of tears and frustration.  Nothing I can really pinpoint but it's ok. Just a little homesick I guess. Missing my boys.  Who knows.

There is so much negativity on Facebook and its really bringing me down.  So many of my friends arguing over this Supreme Court garbage, the president and whatever other hot topics are out there.  One of the good things about being in this truck is I no longer have easy access to the news unless I actively seek it out, and I choose not to do so.  Clearly a lot going on and I get the jist of it, but frankly I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.  My crazy brain makes enough of its own drama.  I do not need anything else.

Today we were driving through Utah into Wyoming and it really hit me how amazingly beautiful this country is.  I told Andrew that even the "boring" states like Kansas add their own type of beauty.  I guess I am just partial to the mountains!  There is something to be said of corn stalks waving in the breeze for miles and miles though.  It's all so stunning and its sad that more people are not able to or just choose not to take the opportunity to see it.  You really should.

The area we are in is just majestic.  With each turn of the road a new, spectacular view pops up.  I am completely and totally enjoying photographing all of it ( just wish I were a better photographer!) so I have the evidence of the beauty once the memory fades.  It is amazing to me how one side of the road can be prairie and then huge mountains across the way.  One side of the mountains can be sharp, rocky and jutting into the sky, and the other side is smooth, tree covered and wavy.

I am really surprised at the amount of cows in this country. LOL.  We have not been in a state yet where we have not passed fields and fields of cows.  I am not sure why this surprises me but it still does even after  having been out here nearly two months.  I think next year I will start taking pics of the cows in each state next year and make a coffee table book, " Cows Across America",  Just kidding.

I am going to work hard on finding the joy in each and every day even if some days are a struggle.  My BFF posted something on FB the other day about this gratitude journal type App that she uses.  I decided to find one  and try that. Basically you just go in the app and post three things you are grateful for or found joy in each day.  Then you can go back on the not so hot days and see that things are not as bad as they seem!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now I guess.  It's nearing time for me to make dinner.  Tonight is easy, chicken nachos.  I made chicken burritos the other day and need to use up the rest of the chicken.  I finally worked through all the meat we had in the freezer which is exciting.  Now I am able to menu plan with a little more open mind because I will be buying meat on a weekly basis. Yay!  Next week we are having a Slow Cooker Tortellini casserole, Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon bleu and Slow Cooker sausage, peppers and onions, just to name a few.  I am loving my slow cooker and the slow cooker liners I found.  They make cleaning up so amazingly easy!

Here are some pics from NE California, Utah and a  bit of Wyoming from this morning.  Cannot wait to see more of Wyoming tomorrow.  So far its been my favorite state aside from my North Carolina.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs, and for letting me know you read them.  Sometimes I think I am typing just for myself.  The reminds me, if you leave a comment on here, please leave your name so I know who the comment is from.  You can also subscribe to my blog so you are notified each time I publish.   

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Much love to all of you!
My sparkly phone case

my amazing nail polish

Mono Lake

Yes, they pull triples out here!

Salt Flats in Utah

Salt Flats in Utah

Salt Flats in Utah

Devil's Slide, Utah

Devil's Slide, Utah

Cows on a Mountain.