Monday, August 19, 2019

A little of this, a little of that.

Things have been pretty "normal" the past week or two.  We started in Atlanta, then went to Indiana, and then back to Atlanta.  Then to Tennessee to PA, to NJ and then back to PA to the NC for a few days. 

Nashville, TN

On Saturday and Sunday we got to see Adam for precious little time.   Never enough time with him.  We got to have lunch and just spend a little time hanging out.  Andrew got home around 1am on Monday so he and Adam did not get to see one another.  :(

On Monday, Mark had a follow up ultrasound and dr visit to check out his legs.  We got a decent report and he does not have to be rechecked for three months.  We also met up with our good friends Dax and Jubilee, oh and their parents Will and Adri.  We had a fun but brief dinner visit with them.
Dax and I

Tuesday was Mark's DOT physical and then we started getting ready to leave again on Wednesday.  I finally got to see Andrew for a bit when we had a quick dinner at Taco Bell and then he went to the grocery store with me.  Not enough time with him either, and I forgot to take a pic!  :(

We left NC on Wednesday morning and headed to SC for a pick up, then turned around and delivered to NJ.  I made a new shrimp dish for dinner that night that looked icky, but it tasted good.  However, it did not agree with me.  Spent the next two days feeling awful. 

Not too much else exciting happened except I got Auntie Anne's Pretzels for dinner on Friday.  Ha!  Everything is better after that.

Ran in to some horrible storms yesterday outside of Chicago.  It was the worst storm we have been through and I was terrified.  We were hauling 44,450 lbs and the wind was tossing us around like we were in a SmartCar.  It was awful.  Thankfully the worst of it only lasted about 10-12 minutes.

Today we are sitting in Iowa, headed to California where we unload on Thursday, then pick up some cheese and head back this way to Wisconsin.  That's about it!

Here are some pics.

Thanks for reading! Much love to all!

Watts Bar Lake, TN

Yummy steak dinner, delayed Anniversary dinner!

Chicken apple sausage, sweet potato, broccoli, onion and apple hash over jasmine rice 

Lazy Man's slow cooker lasagna