Sunday, September 18, 2022

Great weekend with a few of our kids!

Months ago when we had to change our vacation plans part of the consolation was going to be that I knew I would at least get to spend a few days with Adam, Griffin and our newly "acquired" daughter, Amber (Griffin's bride).  Drew contemplated coming down but with recently becoming a permanent employee (rather than a temp) at his job,he didn't feel like he could take the time off.  

Well, last Thursday was the day that they arrived and we had such a great weekend.  At least I did anyway!  I hope they did too.  We had a beach day, two rounds of mini-golf, some time at the Alligator Adventure, lots of food, a family game night, and we celebrated Griffin's birthday a little early. It all went a little too fast, like I knew it would but I treasured the time nonetheless. 

I still have not tallied up who won the first round of mini-golf, though I am certain it was not me despite my back to back hole in ones.I am sure I was dead last.  The second round played last night was astonishingly a three way tie.  I did not play so to protect the one who came in last of the four who did play, I wont say who was who!  LOL  I will say, I SLAMMED at family game night. Ha!

I am not sure when I will get to see Griffin and Amber again so I know it won't be soon enough, but I will see Adam at Christmas and even that won't be soon enough.

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Love to all!

Gator feeding

Yep, that is another alligator's head he is eating.

This is an albino alligator, but I am 100% convinced it was made of plastic.

This hyena was going #2 in their pool.  No manners.

He is so adorable!

A PILE of gators.

Rando Phone pics

Always hate to say goodbye

When I tell you this game got competitive,,,ooohhhweee

My beautiful newly acquired daughter Amber and I

Griffin and Amber

Happy birthday, son!

Part of my beautiful family.

HUGE nope rope

Thats Adam under there.  Probably watching Disc golf videos.

Adam.  the new Aquaman.

My morning coffee and reflection spot.