Sunday, June 30, 2019

Cullowhee, NC...a respite..

Hi!  Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday! I had a great day today hanging out with Adam.  We went and did some outdoorsy stuff at Lake Junaluska and on the  BRP before the weather started to look yucky and the altitude off the Blue Ridge Parkway became too much for Adam's ear infection.


Currently I am sitting here smelling the most delicious aroma of Adam's spaghetti sauce that he is making for dinner.  I cannot wait to eat it!

I have been totally enjoying my time here with Adam.  He is such a well adjusted young man.  Every time I get to spend time with him I am overwhelmed with how much more grown up he is.  It's such a different dynamic being more friend, than mom.    It's like the best of both worlds.

I am really looking forward to seeing Andrew next week too.  The three of us are meeting in Ohio to celebrate my sdad's 70th birthday, go to Cedar Point and then a family reunion on Saturday.  I just know the time is going to FLY but I really cannot wait to see the boys, my parents, my sister and BIL as well as my extended family.

Yesterday we got some good news in the form of a bright yellow truck!  Last week a "higher up" called Mark to discuss an Instagram post I had made regarding the break down debacle that had occured,  I guess it's true and the squeaky wheel gets the grease because just a few days later he was routed to Columbus to pick up  his new truck.  I do feel badly that he had to move everything from one truck to the other by himself but ya now...  :)   

Nothing else too exciting going on but wanted to get these pics out there.

Thanks for reading!  Much love!

Lake Junaluska and the Blue Ridge Parkway