Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Steubenville is cute..who knew?

 Today I headed south to take in the sights of Steubenville, Ohio.   I had seen on the interwebs that they  had a historic fort there and a historic cemetery so I thought I'd take a little look-see.

Historic Fort Steuben

The fort was really neat if you like that sort of thing, and I do.  There was only one other couple there when I was there and we decided to go seperate ways from the entrance so we didnt have to worry about distancing and masks inside the buildings.  I went through all the buildings once taking photos and then went back through again taking short videos with my witty commentary.  Those will be posted on my You Tube channel which you can find here.  They are number (1-8) I receommend watching them in order.  Home is Where the Truck is YT channel

I recommend them.  lol.

After I left Historic Fort Steuben I took a walking tour of Steubenville.  They have 25 murals painted all over the city.  I didnt see all of them but I did get to see quite a few of them.  I should have read the map that was in my pocket and I would have gotten more of them but well, what are you going to do. 

Steubenville Murals

Once I left the downtown area I headed to Union Cemetary.  This cemetary is MASSIVE (199 acres). I wandered around in there for a little while before getting overwhelmed and then I headed home.  

Union Cemetary

All in all a really nice day with beautiful weather.  I'm glad I took the ride down.  The woman at the fort told me they have a pretty spetacular display of nutcrackers inthe city during the holidays.  Maybe I will have to go back for that.

I really appreciate those of you who take the time to check out my blog posts.  I know they were a lot more exciting when I was on the truck but I still try to keep them entertaining and interesting.  So thanks for your support.

Much love.  And seriously.  Check out the videos.