Tuesday, August 7, 2018

On Texas and other things.

Dang.  I had no idea it would take so long to get out of Texas.  I mean, like, days.  And its flat, oh so flat.  Here are some observations I made about Texas.

  1. It's SOOOO flat.  Like, you can see for miles if the weather is clear.
  2.  It goes on FOREVER
  3. There are lots of cows.
  4. The fuel is cheap, but everything else is expensive.
  5. Did I mention how flat it is?
  6. There are tons of wind turbines.  Like, 100's of them at a time.  Too cool.
  7. Random ghosty looking towns just pop up out of the blue.
  8. It took longer to drive between Dallas and Amarillo then it does to drive from Rocky Mount to Cullowhee (Western Carolina University) which is at the other side of the state.
  9. They have coyotes and wild boar.  I know because I saw one of each dead on the side of the road.
  10. They are really, really, really beautiful rest areas.

I was thrilled to get out of there this morning and in to Oklahoma.  Only to find out that Oklahoma, at least on Rte 287, looks very much like Texas.  sigh.

So today we left Texas , went through a baby part of Oklahoma and into Colorado.  It's so weird to me to say I am in Colorado (or any other state) because its not something I thought I would get to do.  The weather here is super nice.  Like 84 and breezy today.  Colorado also has a love of wind turbines.  I was honestly a little disappointed coming into Denver.  It may have just been the side we were on but it kind of looked crappy.   It was very overcast so I have not even been able to see any mountains yet.  I hope its clearer in the morning.  We will leave around 3am to deliver here in Loveland, then go to Denver to do a quick pick up and unload and then pick up again and head to Idaho.

I am not feeling great, my hip, knee and elbow are really hurting me from my fall and I did not sleep well the last two nights.  I had a break down last night while Mark was sleeping because I was frustrated.  I kept saying " I want to go home" to myself and then realized that here with Mark is my home and when push comes to shove, there is no where else I would rather be.  In the 12+ years we have been together, I do not think we have ever been this happy.  Today I was smiling and he asked me why I was smiling.  I just said " I have joy" and I honestly am not sure I have ever said that before.  I am so thankful to God for bringing us to this point in our lives.    Don't get me wrong, I miss my boys terribly.  I have talked to them both a few times, and that helps.  I am so proud of them.
Also, talking to my sister helps to. Talking to anyone helps, so feel free to call me!  You can call me on messenger on video chat and I can show you where I am!  LOL  So, I am just adjusting to my  new normal.  And I really do like it, but as with anything new there are pains to go through.  I am so happy I get to do it.

The time changes are odd.   We left Texas this morning in Central time and were driving along and then BOOM, its Mountain time and another hour has been added to our day.  Its only 6:15pm here right now and as soon as I upload this, We are going to bed to get up at 245am.  Wish me luck with that one.  

I made videos of the truck, truck cooking and the truck stop shower.  I will upload them here as soon as I figure out how, but that will be tomorrow. Have to figure out my YouTube channel which will also be Home is Where the Truck is.  As is my Instagram.

Thanks for reading.  I am really enjoying putting my experience out there.

Love to all.



Dallas rush hour- 6am

It's me!

My sweet ride

I wish I knew what these were.  In Denver,

Denver (Let's go Denver)

Denver Lunch traffic

WM Trash dump


  1. So happy for the joy! Y’all deserve all the happiness! Also, Colorado is pretty amazing, so I hope the clouds lift!

  2. I enjoy reading your adventures as well as living them with you on the phone. Love you both!