Monday, September 24, 2018

I'm still here

Yo!  Hope you have all been well.

Things have been going good here.  We have been from CA through Nevada,  Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia,Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and are now back to California since I last blogged.  I have now been in 31 states.

It's been nearly two months since I hopped aboard this truck and took off with Mark.  A lot of things have gotten easier, but some not so much.

I got some Hemp Oil (or as I call it, my liquid weed.  But don't worry mom, there is no "weed" in it) to help me sleep and I think its working.  I feel a considerable amount less anxiety which helps me slow down my brain at night.  I am now getting 4-5 hours a night and things are not nearly as dramatic during the day now that I have more rest.

The cooking thing has gotten a lot easier since I have started remembering t(probably because I am getting more sleep) to actually use the crock pot.  Plug it in around lunch time and by the time we stop, VOILA, dinner is ready.  Everyone should have and use one of these suckers.

I am still getting used to having to wait to go to the bathroom until one is available and showering in my shoes.  It's just so weird.   Sometimes I feel a bit cooped up in this little living space.  There are days when I miss being able to go to the Dollar Tree or the grocery store just because I feel like it.  It took nearly four weeks before we could find time for me to get a haircut and that about sent me over the edge.  Which brings me to..

Last Tuesday we were in Columbus, OH and I got to see my sister and brother in law!  We got there Tuesday night and they came and picked us up.  We went  to their adorable new house and had some dinner and just hung out. On Wednesday morning, Susan picked me up at the terminal and we spent the whole day together just hanging out.  I got my hair cut and we did some shopping, and both took an hour nap at her house!   It was such a blessing for me to get to spend the day with her, and have a break from the truck.  Mark was at the terminal getting some work done on the power steering.  I hated to say goodbye to her but we had to head out of town on Thursday.

I miss my boys.  A lot.  Texting, messaging, phone calls and video chats help a ton though. I will see them both the first weekend in November and it cannot get here soon enough.  They both fared well through the hurricane so that was a relief.  I wish I could say the same for the rest of the state.  It's so heartbreaking to see the pics and hear the stories of what my fellow North Carolinians are going through.  :(

I finished crocheting my first ever blanket and I am pretty proud of it.  I cannot wait to make another but currently am working on 80 million snowmen Christmas ornaments.  Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I need to get on it.

ok,well, we have a 3:00am wake up call so I am going to upload some pics and get to bed.

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yes, these are cows 

And so are these.  I had four other pics of the rest of them but you get the idea

Kansas City, Kansas

and literally around the bend, Kansas City, Missouri


Tucson, Arizona

Well, then they can have it!

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  1. So happy u got some downtime with ur sister...kudos to u for managing ur new life better...happy u can sleep!!!