Tuesday, September 25, 2018

California 395 West

We spent the entire day on CA 395 West today en route to Reno, Nevada.

It was a really beautiful ride through the mountains.  The highest point we reached was 7000 feet.  It was slow going up, but much quicker coming down.

I added a video to my You Tube Channel of the decent. The CA 395 West

We stopped at a rest area for the evening and took a walk to see if we could find some wild creatures.  And we did!

Here are a few pics from today.

Honestly, I feel that everyone needs to find a way to make it  out west in their lifetime.  This country is beautiful no matter where you go.  There is always something interesting to see, well Kansas is questionable, but certain places are most assuredly prettier than others.



Check out this wild beast!

LOOK!  We saw a bear while in the woods!

Tiny little guy

Can you find him in there?

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