Monday, September 10, 2018

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Hey!  Been a minute since I blogged last so I thought I'd take some time today to catch you all up on the Wonderful World of Mark &Kathy!

I actually have to pull out my planner for a moment to see where we have been and what we have been doing,  I can't keep track of it any other way.

Ok, I am back.

Did you know we had a holiday last week?  I totally forgot about it until talking about dinner menus with a friend and I told her we were having chicken burrito bowls.  She said she had " hot dogs,  sloppy joes, cheese potatoes, beans and apple pie"  She had to remind me that it was Labor Day.  It's just so hard to keep track out here.   On Labor Day we traveled from Atlanta to the FL/GA border.  Was not too much exciting about the day, but that is often a good sign out here!  Well, the burrito bowls were pretty good so that was exciting.

Tuesday was suuuuppper exciting.  We went from the border and only went as far as Cocoa Beach, FL.  As it happens, there is a beach there, but sadly did not get to see it.  We did however, get to do laundry and that was nearly as much fun as I could stand.  Oh and we had Wendy's for dinner so I did not have to cook.  That was super neat.

Wednesday morning we were up early and headed  to our delivery in Winter Park, FL.  From there we headed to Jacksonville for our pick up.  Florida is a really pretty state but the traffic no matter where you go is nasty.  And it was H O T.  I mean, that was not a shock though since it was Florida but dang!  We picked up in Jacksonville and headed north.  We stopped in South Carolina for the night  just before the border of NC.

Thursday morning found us in familiar territory heading up 95 through NC.  This would prove to be one of my most challenging days yet due to scheduling.  We got to Norfolk VA around noon and had to go to bed at 3 in the afternoon so we could get up and be moving out to our delivery by midnight.  Mark was asleep by like 3:15.  I did manage to fall asleep for about and hour and forty five minutes but the I was wide open.  I did some crocheting (as much as I could with limited light) and watched several hours of  Grey's Anatomy.  We finally got moving around 12:15pm and made it to our stop
by 1am.  They got us unloaded quickly-ish however they refused seven pallets of product that the shipper loaded incorrectly.  So, that meant instead of heading back to NC for our next load we had to to go the terminal in Richmond to get these seven pallets unloaded.  98 miles later(530am) we get to Richmond.  The dude tells us no one will be in until 730am to unload the trailer  but IF Mark can find an empty trailer he can swap them out.  Out to the yard we go in search of a trailer.  Well, he  went in search of a trailer, I went in search of some sleep.  I found it!  He did not find an empty trailer though even after 40 minutes of looking.  Next his dispatch told him that he would need to drive to Garysville, NC to pick up a trailer at the Lowe's DC.  We get there around 745am and they do not have an empty trailer either! Next dispatch says go to Raleigh to get an empty.  At this point I start doing math and realize that we are quickly running out of drive time and realizing that we will likely have to stop in Zebulon (where Andrew lives) for his 10 hour break!

We finally end up getting to our pick up and headed to the truck stop. Andrew came to pick me up around 230pm.  It was so awesome to see him!   I missed him so much!  We went to lunch at Zaxby's and then did some shopping.  It was great to get to spend some MUCH needed time with him. No sooner had he dropped me off and went home, but then he sent me a text saying " Was really nice seeing you today." I love this boy with all my heart!    I am already looking forward to November 2nd when I get to see him and Adam.  Mark got up around 830pm and we headed out of town around 830am on our way to Decatur GA.  I slept from about 130am until 530am when we got to GA and then again from 615 until around 8am.  I am fairly certain its the most sleep I have gotten since I got on the truck.

SATURDAY!  ROLLERCOASTER DAY!!  After some errands in the morning we headed to Six Flags to ride some coasters.  This was our first full day off since we left here at the start of August.  The park was hot and crowded but there were rollercoasters.  We mosied around and enjoyed our time off. It was odd being in an amusement park with no kids.  Got back to the truck and we just chilled out and watched TV for the rest of the evening,  tt was at this moment I realized we were not as young as we used to be.  Woo wee, we were beat.  Also, this place had the showers I imagined before coming out on the road.  While they were clean, they were something one might see in a horror  movie.  I literally propped the chair up against the door when I got into the shower because I was certain I would open my eyes and someone would be standing there or there would be someone chained to the floor and a creepy voice saying " Live or die. Make your choice". Probably the fastest shower of my life.

At this point, we still did not know where we were heading the next day and my control freakish-ness was started to kick in.  I do not like not know what comes next.  Finally, in the morning
we got our next load assignment, SC to CA.  Shew!  At least for the next four days I would know what was up.

Sunday (almost done) we got up and drove 293 miles to Fort Mill, SC , only to turn around and go back 301 miles almost to where we started in the morning!  Went through some crazy weather in NC (nothing compared to what is coming though) and some nutso traffic due to the Carolina Panthers game but we made it..

This morning we are heading west.  I think we are currently in Arkansas.  Have already been through GA, AL, MS, TN and now AR. We are stopped for the night in Arkansas.  Dinner is in the crockpot and I have a video call with Adam tonight.  Yay for today!

So, if you read all that , thanks.  I know it was not that exciting but some weeks are like that,

To all my SC and NC friends and family, please be safe and smart.  Do not play around with this hurricane mess.  Take precautions now, please.

One more thing, that young woman in WA I mentioned a few weeks ago is still missing.  Please continue to keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Check out more on Facebook at #findsamsayers or at the website   I just cannot imagine what her family is going through.

I leave you with some photos.  I cannot even recall where they are all from, but enjoy!  Also, I sure to love taking pics of clouds, water towers (thanks Kate!) and airplanes.

Love to you all!
Chicago O'Hare Airport

Rosemont, IL

Amazing weather outside of Chicago

Meanwhile, somewhere in IL

A closer look

Nashville, TN

Hey Daddy!

The orange traffic barrel..  Native to ALL states in the US.

Fort Benning, GA

Fort Benning, GA

Cloud shark , doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo


Birmingham, AL

Nope,,sure dont want that  job,

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