Friday, October 7, 2022


 This trip was a LONG time coming.  My friend Jen and I have talked about going to see the trolls for ages.  We could just never get it together.  Finally about, six weeks ago we finally picked a date, put it on our calendars and said thats it.  We are going!  Last weekend was finally time. 
We left on Friday afternoon to drive down so we would have a full day on Saturday. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel (man I love those marinated grilled chicken tenders) and then got to bed early.

Saturday morning we got up early.  After a solid breakfast of mini donuts, we decided to go to Wegerzyn Gardens first  It was a really lovely place. We wandered around there for about an hour.  We hiked a mile trail and took some photos.  I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in the spring and summer when everything is in full bloom. 

We left there and headed over to Aullwood Audobon to see the trolls! The hike to see the whole story of  "The Troll That Hatched an Egg" was a three mile round trip hike.  The route was beautifully wooded and ran along the creek in a lot of places, was uphill for a portion and ran through a working farm with several sweet farm animals.

We got halfway through the hike and I had a low blood sugar emergency.  Thankfully there was a small gift shop there with the yummiest chocolate milk ever and after sitting for a spell and drinking the milk and eating some chips I was good to go and we finished the hike.  Jen and I both loved the park and felt that the drive to Dayton was totally worth it to finally get to see the trolls and the beautiful audobon park.   

Thanks for reading!
Love to all.

 Wegerzyn Gardens

Aullwood Audubon

The nest

Taken from a fire tower.

I was fascinated by her heet and her foot and booty!  

We really did not think out our posing postion well at all.

 The Farm


  1. I was fascinated by the feet as well along with the fingernails! Such a great place!

  2. Kim linked me here. What fabulous photos and I love trolls! This looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks! It was amazing. I could have stood and looked at them all day!