Monday, October 29, 2018

On the road again

Oh what a week its been!

We went to the mechanic last Monday morning.  And SHOCKER they could not tell us when the truck was going to be done.  They told Mark IF the part came on, they would TRY to have it done by  the evening.  Well I had had enough.  I went into the garage and had a very stern conversation with the floor manager.  I told him that enough was enough and we needed some answers.  He said " Well mam, it is, what it is."  I said "I guess you would feel that way since you are getting paid.  We are hemorrhaging money and you cannot tell us anything.  No one from this place knows what is going on, no one returns phone calls and we have had it."   Then I left.

We left and went to breakfast.  Around 1230 Mark called in and they said the part had come in and they would have the truck done by around 3:30.  Mark said he was pretty sure that they only said that because I went back in there.  LOL.  We went to Walmart and got our laundry done so we could hit the highway and keep moving.

We got back to the shop around 3pm.  Remember the guy Glen that we met the week before?  He was there again to pick up his truck.  Only he was not so lucky.  He took his for a test drive and it was still not running right. I felt so bad.  We stood in the parking lot until about 415 and then Mark went in to find out what the deal was with our truck.  It was done.  Oh heavenly day!  I could not wait to get in and get out!  Mark took the car back to the rental company while I put all our stuff away and got the truck in order.  He got back and we headed out to the truck stop to get some sleep.  We were heading to NY the next morning.

Tuesday we headed out to New York.  We were going to go through three states I had not been to on the truck yet.  NY, MD and PA.  I was super excited to finally  be able to see some fall foliage in PA and NY.  So far, no where we had been really had any lovely colors yet.  However, it was rainy and foggy the whole stinkin time and I barely got to see any!!

We got to our delivery in Binghamton, NY at 8am on Wednesday morning.  Imagine our surprise when they told us that the delivery was not until 11/6 and they would not take it early. UGH!  Are you serious?  So, Mark called his driver manager and they told him to take it  to the Swift terminal in Syracuse, around 80  miles north-ish,  We head up there to drop it in the yard.  We grab an empty trailer to head 80 miles south-ish to pick up our next load in Binghamton, where we just came from.

We get most of the way there when Mark's driver leader calls.  They have switched our load and now instead of going to Illinois we are now going to Sanford NC.  So we then turn and head to Elmira, NY.  What a day.  So many empty miles and changes, but we were so thankful to be in that truck. We spent the night in some tiny truck stop somewhere in PA.

  Wednesday morning found us heading to Sanford NC to make our delivery.  It took most of the day and we stopped for the night just outside of Greensboro.  We headed to our pick up in Abingdon VA the next morning.  We were heading to Laredo, Texas with that one.

We delivered in Laredo this morning and are currently sitting in Lake Charles, LA for the night before heading on to Alexandria, LA tomorrow to deliver and then pick up and head to Union,GA on Wednesday.  We will be home (NC) on Thursday afternoon.  Mark has some doctors appointments on Friday morning and then we will head to WCU on Saturday with Andrew, to see Adam march.  I CANNOT WAIT to have both my boys in the same place, at the same time!  It should be a fun weekend.

I will be taking a seven week break from the truck starting this weekend.  My best friend needs some help getting settled into her new home so I am going to be helping her with that.  Also, it will be easier to get ready for Christmas if I am not in a new state every day.  This will also allow me to be able to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving to spend some time with my mom and the rest of my family.  My uncle passed away this past Monday and I was not able to be at home with the family and that was really hard.  I am looking forward to being able to see everyone in November,  Anyway, I will be staying with my bff until Mark comes back on 12/22 where we will celebrate Christmas with the kids on the 23rd and then we will head back out on the 24th.  I am looking forward to getting to spend some time with my friends and Andrew but I will miss Mark and miss being on the road.

Also, please forgive the MULTIPLE waterfall pics.  They were all so pretty I could not pic just one or two!

Thanks for reading.
Love to all!
Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana
Caspar the Camel at the Tiger Truck stop

Foggy Texas

For three months I have wanted us to pull one of these flag trailers and now we finally did!

Ummm, i thought this was Louisiana, not Vegas

Creepy old abandoned water park

Roller Coaster Bridge

Look at this incline!

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  1. Glad the truck is finally fixed!! So happy you will be spending some time with the kids and your family for the the waterfall pics!!