Saturday, October 20, 2018

Broken Truck

Well, what a week it has been.

As you may recall last Saturday the truck started acting nuts  and we had to wait until Monday to take it to the shop to be looked at. 

We took it in on Monday morning, got there around 830am.  They told Mark it would be " a couple hours" before they could diagnose the issues.  Ok. Cool.

While we were waiting another driver came into the waiting room and we all got to talking,  Super great gut named Glen.  His truck had also broken down over the weekend and so he was in the same boat.  We ended up going to Cracker Barrel with him just to pass the time.

We got back to the shop around 1230pm and they still had not looked at our truck, or his for that matter.  They then told Mark they would try to get to it that afternoon, or on Tuesday morning.  UGH!  I got online to find a close hotel that would not cost us a fortune.  Glen already had a rental car so he took us to our hotel BBQ through Grub Hub for dinner.  A) Grub Hub sucks and B) the food  sucked worse.  Our order was canceled with no reason given.  I should have taken that as a sign to order from somewhere else.  Instead, I called GrubHub to find out what gives.  They cannot tell me so they call the restaurant and the restaurant does not know either but they say the food is on the way.  The food was TERRIBLE.   Like so bad that I actually left a review, which I never do.  It was total crap.

Tuesday morning brings more BS.  They will TRY to get to it today.  Now mind you, this is just to figure out what is wrong.  Then they have to order parts and then wait for parts to come in, and then actually fix it,  So, we book another night in the hotel hell room.  The beds in this room were quite possibly the worst beds I have ever slept in.  And since when did hotels have laminate floors?  They are so cold.  Anyway... we just hang out all day and order pizza for dinner.

Wednesday morning we find out that the did look at it Tuesday afternoon and ordered parts, for the steering issues.  Remember, we were there for fuel system issues.  They tell Mark that the bearing inn the steering was bad and had to be replaced.  When Mark asked about the fuel system problems they say " Oh that is fixed."  Apparently something was unplugged and just needed plugged back in. Umm, ok,  They tell him that the bearings will "hopefully" be in a day or two,  It is at this point that we decide to rent a car because we cannot sit in that hotel hell room anymore.

This is where things take a turn for the good (for me anyway).   We decided to go to Ohio and see my mom, sister and one of my best friends, Robin.  Then we will head to NC to see Adam on Friday.

My visit with mom as great, but too short.  I am thankful that I got to see her though.  We visited her Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  Around lunchtime we left there and headed to the Columbus area to see Robin, Bill and Theo.  Robin is 7 months pregnant with their daughter and she looks so amazing!  Theo is 3.5 years old and kept us laughing.  It was so awesome to see her.

From there we headed over to see Susan and Derek.  Went and had some dinner with them and headed back to their house for some relaxing.  It's always fun hanging out with those two.

Friday morning we got up and headed to NC.  It took about 8 hours to get there but I could not wait to see Adam.  He had marching band practice but came to the hotel once he was done.  Of course, I paced at the window just waiting for him to get there. He gave me a HUGE hug when we got out of his car and I had a hard time not bawling my head off.  It has been nearly three months since I saw him last and that is not something I am used to.  We had fun just hanging out and talking.  I convinced him to do a mud face mask with me.  He is such a good sport.  He ended up staying with us that made me happy as can be! 

Adam left at 7am this morning because he had band things to do today.  Mark and I got up and got moving.  Our plan was to do some site seeing to some waterfalls and then take the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We did go see a couple water falls, but then it was so rainy and yucky we decided to forgo the BRP and just start heading up towards Charleston, WV where the truck is.

We stopped for the night in Marion VA and here we sit. 

I am SOOOOOOOOO ready to be back in the truck.  Praying that its ready on Monday morning.  If our wheels aren't turning, we aren't earning!  Christmas is coming and I still have some shopping to do!

Here are some pics from the past few days.

Will update when we find out about the truck on Monday!

Much love!

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  1. Glad you got to see yer peeps! Looks like y’all are making the best of the situation! Love the masks and the unicorn headband! 😂