Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Funday..with 42% more pictures than before..

Happy Father's Day!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

We had a decent week, despite a one day breakdown in South Dakota.

We started out in Minnesota on Monday with a day from hell.  We delivered a truck load of Cool Whip and five cases were damaged so we had to find somewhere to dump them.  Do you know how many tubs of Cool Whip are in a case?  I do. 24.  It hurt my soul to throw out 120 tubs of Cool Whip but that is all we are allowed to do with them. 

 After that we went to the next shipper to pick up 43,000 pounds of eggs to take to California.  That's a lot of eggs. How many you ask?  22 pallets or 1100 cases or 360 eggs per case equals 396,000 eggs.  We left there, went to get weighed and realized the truck was overweight so we had to go back to them and have them rework the load.  Oye.  We did not make it very far that afternoon!

Tuesday morning we got up and moving early.  I was super excited to finally get to go through South Dakota.  It was raining, but I was still excited.  And then...dash lights up and we are headed to a Kenworth Dealership.  There was something wrong with the fuel system and they could not get it fixed until the next day.  Waaaaa... So to a hotel we went and just chilled for the evening.

The Missouri River in SD
Wednesday morning we got back to the shop just in time for them to be test driving the truck.  It was ready to go we by 1130am we were on the road again.  At first South Dakota was not what I was expecting.  It was lots of wide open lush green spaces and beautiful blue skies.  As far as eye can see.
Towards the center of the state we started seeing some more hills and then some mountains.  Each moment more beautiful than the last.

Let me take a moment to put on my travel agent hat...I have said it before, but it needs repeating.  If you have not been YOU HAVE TO GO OUT WEST!  I am a beach girl, and never thought I would want to go anywhere but there..but the Western part of our country is just breathtaking.  Simply.  There is so much variation in the landscape that from moment to moment there is something new to see.  I am not  good enough writer to be able to even explain it so I will just say again, GO WEST.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming..

Wednesday was spent going across SD and into Wyoming (until this point WY has been my favorite state).  It was a beautiful day with great weather the whole way.  The kind of day I live for out here.

The Great Salt Lake, Utah
Thursday found us in Wyoming and Utah.  We passed through Salt Lake City.  I had traveled North from SLC once before so I knew how spectacular it was there.  However, I had never been through the Great Salt Lake city and the salt marsh areas during the day.  WOW!  I was so wowed by the lake area.  I wish I had gotten better pics than I did but maybe next time.  The salt marshes were so cool.  Salt as far as the eye can see.  I think that the SLC area may be my favorite place.  I don't know, so many beautiful places to choose from!

Donner Pass, CA
Friday we went through Nevada and NorCal.  Donner Pass was something else.  We had been through there before but since I was new to the truck then I think I spent most of the time being terrified.  This time I was only scared, and was able to take pics along the way.  We made it to our delivery in Stockton CA on Friday evening and now we sit at the truck stop.  Hoping for a load out of here tomorrow.  Cross your fingers.

Andrew has been in the same part of the country as we have, sorta.  He was in Colorado on Monday and Tuesday ( in his own version of hell) and then delivered to Idaho on Friday morning.  He is currently en route to Rocklin, CA where he delivers on Tuesday morning.

We will all converge on Ohio on 7/4-7/7 and I cannot wait.  I smell roller coasters of Cedar Point in my near future!  Wheeeeeee...

Thanks for reading.

Love to all!


Sculpture Exibit in SD

SD Rest Area overlooking the Missouri River

SD Rest Area overlooking the Missouri River

SD Rest Area overlooking the Missouri River

SD Rest Area overlooking the Missouri River
SD Rest Area overlooking the Missouri River

Missouri River in SD

Missouri River in SD

Outside Wall Drug in SD

SD Rodeo

 Salt Lake Area, Utah

Salt Marsh (that's not water or sand)

Salt Marsh (that's not water or sand)

Salt Marsh (that's not water or sand)

That's A LOT of salt!

Umm, what happened to the sun and blue sky?

 Donner Pass, CA
The rest of that train must be pretty darn heavy to need six engines