Sunday, June 9, 2019

Here we go again on our own...(sung to the tune of the Whitesnake song "Here I go)...

... but I am sure I didn't need to tell you 80's kids, I love the 80's.  The music, the fashion, the fact I was a kid with no responsibilities.  Ahh, good times...

But I digress.  Here I am back on the truck.  New company, new truck, new growing pains.
When I last left you, it was Easter and we were soon switching companies.  I had a super fun several weeks off visiting family and friends.

Before we left NC we got to have dinner with Adam, Griffin and Amber.  Of course I failed to take a single pic, but it happened!  We enjoyed spending the evening with the kids. We also had a short visit to the NC Science museum to drop of a baby gift to my sweet friend, Alisha and take in some of the sites.

On the way from NC Mark and I stopped at the Coal Mine Exhibition in Beckley, WV.  Its something I have always wanted to do and am so glad we went.  It was really "coal" to see how the mining camps were back in the day.  We got to actually go into the mine.  It was super cold and really neat.  I learned so much, mainly that I am glad I  never had to do that work!
heading into the mine
Orange honeysuckle

 The first week I was off I spent in Columbus with my sister Susan and bil, Derek.  Had lots of fun playing with Susan's jewelry and helping her get some things in her house organized.  In case you were looking for some amazing $5 jewelry check out her FB page Susan Sparkles with You or her website Susan Sparkles with you.

Mom and I headed to dinner with her classmates
Mom's birthday/mother's day cake. 
On Mother's Day we spent the day with mom and celebrated with her.  We got her a super sweet owl cake (she loves owls)  and some pretty cool gifts (if I do say so myself) and just enjoyed spending the day with her. She  made an amazing meal of some of my favorite foods,  It was delish. I then spent the rest of the week with mom.  I totally enjoyed being with her.  I also got to see some good friends and got to go to dinner with my mom and her classmates.  What a wonderful group of  ladies,  They all made me feel so welcome.  I hope I get to see them again.  

Also went to the cemetery and cleared off the old Christmas stuff my ex-stepmonster, er, umm I mean step mother left on my father's grave. I put up some red, white and blue decorations I know he would have loved.  He was super patriotic.

 I left my moms and went back to Susan's.  Spent another day or so with her and then headed to my bff Robin's house to hang with her and her kids.  We spent Wednesday at the Columbus Zoo and then hung out a bit on Thursday before I had to leave for NC.
Theo, me and Miriam

Adri and I

Went back to NC on the 23rd so I could be there for sweet Jubilee's 2nd birthday party.  Got to see my friend's Adri, Will and Dax as well as Adri's amazing family.  They are so awesome and they make me feel so included.  I will never miss a chance to spend time with all of them.

The beautiful birthday girl, Jubilee.

After the party, I headed right back to Ohio so I could be at my oldest nephew Jack's confirmation on Sunday.  I was so happy to see my sister Carla and my nephews.  It was good to catch up with all of them and be able to celebrate such a great occasion.  Monday (Memorial Day) I went to a family picnic and had a great time.  I really enjoyed sitting with my Uncle Bill and just shooting the breeze.  Was a great day.  I hung out with my mom a few more days, saw a few more friends and then on Thursday, back to NC.

Friday afternoon Mark and Andrew got into town.  I was super excited to see both of them and them and then Friday night I picked up Adam from his friends house.  I could not have been happier to have them all in one spot.    We had a very busy weekend condensing storage units, shopping, organizing trucks and celebrating Adam and Andrew's birthdays.  It was exhausting but fun.
Andrew's truck (blue) and Mark's truck (dark gray)

Monday morning saw us back on the road to Georgia.  Then we were headed to Minnesota, until plans changed and we were diverted to Rochester, NY.  Then we headed to MN which is where we are now.  Monday we pick up a load and head to California.  Andrew has been to Texas, Wyoming and is now doing a 34 hour reset in Denver.

So, thanks for reading my ramblings, again.  ;)

Much love to you all.  Have a blessed Sunday!

NC Museum of Natural Science, Raleigh  NC
Scary stuff

fossilized poop

Giant sloth


My new BFF

Coal Mine Exhibition, Beckley West Virginia

coal camp church

Miner's shanty(where a single or married couple would live.  Mark said" I cannot imagine living in a place this small."  I said " uhhh, this is 5x the size of our truck!"

Mother's day dinner courtesy of Mom. 

NC Zoo with Robin and kids 

Theo at the Zoo

Jubilee's 2nd birthday  " Tea for Two"

Dax's true feelings at being at a  tea party.  lol

Dad of the year!

Birthday breakfast with boys

Random travel pics (NY, MN, WI )

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