Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snowed in

Currently sitting in Ohio, about 25 minutes away from my mom but cannot see her because of the damn snow.  I am so unhappy about it but cannot risk getting stranded at mom's house and not being able to get back to the truck.  So, I just cry off and on all day,  Poor Mark.

Anyway, the past few days have been challenging both truck wise and emotionally.

Sunday we made it into Houston.  The weather was cold but beautiful all day.  We stopped at a Flying J for the night.  I got to watch the Saints beat the Eagles so that was a great night! #whodat

Monday was a drive all day through Texas of course.  Did you know that El Paso, Texas is closer to Needles, California than it is to Dallas, Texas?  That is how huge Texas is.  Not much going on when its a driving all day day.  Just taking lots of pics and cooking.  I have been watching a lot of  videos on how to use my camera and I am excited that my photos are improving slowly but surely.  It's a challenge taking them from a moving vehicle and making them look like I am not going
65 mph!

Tuesday was another fun filled day full of waiting.  We dropped in Robert, LA and then headed to Zachary, LA to pick up at Georgia Pacific.  We got there at about 3:30 pm.  They told us that our trailer doors would not close appropriately so we had to go get a better trailer.  By the time we did that we were out of time for the day.  The load was supposed to be ready by 7pm that night.  We went back on Wednesday morning only to be told the load had not been started and they were having production problems so they had  no idea when it would be ready.  We waited two hours and then were given a new load that would deliver in Rockford, IL.  Oh joy!  Going back up north is just my idea of fun in January!  Made it as far as Little Rock before we had to stop for the night.

Wednesday we made it to Rockford for our delivery, then on to Manteno IL to pick up our next load that was to be delivered to Etna PA on Friday.  We made it as far as LaSalle, IL.  We stopped at the same truck stop that had the "deliverance" shower room that I posted about a week or so ago (See post titled " Can you hear the Banjos?").  Mark gave me very exciting news that we would stop at the Columbus terminal the next day so I would get to see my sister.  We also got great news from Adam today as he had a physical and his A1C was a 5 so his diabetes is no where in site right now!  Praise the Lord!

Thursday morning the weather was abysmal so we got up and got out of there to what we THOUGHT would be better weather, maybe.  (Clearly we were wrong or we would be en route to GA by now)  Made it to Columbus around 430 and Susan and Derek picked me up around 6.  Did my weekly grocery shop via WalMart pick up so they ran me to get that and then we went back to the house.  Susan is a Paparazzi Consultant and had shows on Thursday nights so I got to "help" out with that.  It was a lot of fun.  Check out her website for your $5 jewelry needs (Susan's Paparazzi Page)  or you can find her on Facebook (Susan Sparkles with You Facebook group).  Anyway, my visit with her was short but sweet.

Friday morning we took off headed for Etna,PA.  The route took us directly through Pittsburgh.  I had not been through there in a long while and I forgot what a beautiful city it actually is.  We did take a small unscheduled "detour" and it was really dicey.  I was very proud of Mark's driving skills because it was scary trying to get through some of those turns.  We finally got where we needed to be ( A Duie Pyle...who names their company that? Got the trailer dropped, a new one hooked up and off we went heading to Greenville, PA.  Got there with no issue only to be told, for the second time in a week that the trailer was damaged and we had to get another before they would load us.  GAH!!  We were trying to hard to get loaded and head to Atlanta before the bad weather set in.  The closest place to get this trailer fixed was the TA in Youngstown.  So we headed there.  However, by the time we got here and got it fixed we were out of hours. Shortly after that they announced a travel ban in PA for the next day so we had to figure out what we were going to do.  Woke this morning to an icy parking lot, so here we are.

There is currently about 2 inches in the parking lot and we could see up to 16 inches by morning.  Not sure we will be going anywhere tomorrow either.  So, back to my original statement.  Currently sitting in Ohio about 25 minutes from my mom and I cannot see her because of the damn snow.

Hope the snow stops and we can roll tomorrow,

In the meantime, here are some of my (in my opinion) improved photos!


  1. So glad we got to visit on Thursday! Hopefully we can visit longer next time! Keep up the great blog!

  2. Pictures are amazing! Stay safe and keep up the blog!