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Kodachrome Basin State Park- Day 8

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Thursday 9.14.23

Yesterday even though we spent the entire day at Bryce, there was one hike we didn't get to.  So, this morning before we headed to Kodachrome Basin State Park, we stopped and did the Mossy Cave hike at Bryce.  Technically this hike is not inside the park proper, but it is part of Bryce Canyon.

The hike was really resplendent (yes, I am using a thesaurus.  I got tired of using beautiful, gorgeous and stunning for everything).  It moved along the Tropic Ditch River which is fed by the Tropic Ditch waterfall. This was a short hike that led to the, yep you guessed it, the Mossy Cave.  The cave was full of moss. It was ok, I guess.  I felt it was more of an overhang and less of a cave, but that's just me, I guess. I was more into the waterfall. The hike was really lovely though and we got a great photo of Mark and I thanks to a nice guy from Idaho.  We spent about an hour at this location before heading on.

Aren't we the picture of adorable-ness?


See?  Looks more like an overhang than a cave...

After doing the Mossy Cave hike, we left to go to Kodachrome Basin State Park.  Kodachrome Basin SP is an awesome park full of monolithic spires and chimneys, fields of sunflowers, and lots of great hikes. Our first stop there was the Chimney Rock Spire.  This spire is 170 feet tall.  If you note in the second photo there is a lady (not me) standing next to it on the left, and you can get a feel of the size of it.

Susan's view of Kodachrome Basin SPšŸ’–

Next we decided to take a hike.  This was a "Kathy" hike as opposed to most of the other hikes we had been taking being more geared to Mark's skill level.  He said he was up for it, so we!  went for it.  This hike was up on to a ridge, over a bunch of slickrock and promised some great views.  

We headed up the trail, did some rock scrambling and made it up to the ridgeline. As promised, the views were stellar.  We hiked the trail and unfortunately, as we were up there it started to drizzle a bit.  Not what you want on the top of a mountain on slippery rocks!


So, we scrambled to get down and of course just as we got back to the car it quit raining. Ha! We drove around the rest of the park and had a picnic lunch. We spent a bit more time poking around the park before we headed back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, we head to Zion National Park.

Thanks for reading.
Love to all.

More photos from Mossy Cave and Kodachrome Basin.



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  1. How marvelous. The sunflower pics made me tear up. It looks like a fairy tale land. It was RESPLENDENT!