Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef NP ~ Day 6

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Tuesday 9.12.23

I am so glad we decided to stop here! Goblin Valley State Park was not on the plan.  We saw a video about it from some of my favorite YouTubers and we just kind of had it in the back of our minds.  But as we were enroute to Capitol Reef we drove right past the entrance to the park, so we decided to go in.  What an epic stop.  This place was incredibly unique. We loved getting to get down and being able to walk amongst the "goblins" or hoodoos. We spent about 90 minutes wandering around the park checking things out.  I enjoyed climbing in, on, through and around the hoodoos. Mark enjoyed laughing at me and calling me crazy. 

After we walked among the goblins, we checked out a few other places in the park including the "Three Sisters" which I thought was absolutely stunning, and a few other huge rock structures and then we headed out for Capitol Reef National Park.

Three Sisters

We headed to Capitol Reef NP, not thinking we were going to spend a lot of time there.  Another one of those " just going since we were driving right past it" kind of things. Boy, do I wish we had had more time to spend!! This place was spectacular! I was totally annoyed with myself for not doing more research about the park, so we had a better game plan since we didn't have a lot of time. 
While we were there we did do a super cool scenic drive through the Grand Wash, see the Fruita Orchards and see some legit actual PETROGLYPHS!!
I thought the petroglyphs were so freaking cool.  I could not figure out though how the people from the Fremont Culture (Fremont Petroglyphs) got them so high. 

Navajo Dome



We enjoyed several hours exploring Capitol Reef NP before we headed to the hotel to rest up for an exciting next.

Coming up next....BRYCE CANYON!!!

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More photos:




The Grand Wash

Susan's view in Capitol Reef NP 💖

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