Tuesday, February 23, 2021

How I got lost in Boardman Park...

 A couple weeks ago I took some recycling over to Boardman Park and I had decided to take a little walk through the woods and take some pics since I was there.

I started on the walking path and was having a swell old time.  Through the trees I saw a bridge that I wanted to investigate so I went off the paved path into the woods.  I strolled along the creek bed and the bridge just taking pics and enjoying the fresh air and quiet.  

After about 20 minutes of walking I decided I needed to get back to the paved path to go back to my car.  I had things to do.  Except when I started back through the woods looking for the paved path I could not find it.  I walked in the direction I thought I was supposed to be going in and was not finding my way out.  So I did what any normal person would do.  I convinced myself that I was going to be forever lost in Boardman Park (for those not from here the entire park including ball fields, playgrounds parking, etc. is only 227 acres).  

The following is a dramatic reenactment of what went on in my head and out loud to myself.

"Oh my gosh.  I can't believe I am lost.  I'm going to die of thirst out here"

Looks around at the ground and all the snow.

"Ok, I can eat the snow if I have to.  But I will freeze to death, I'm not dressed to wander around in the woods"

Really getting concerned.  Calls Andrew on the phone and he doesn't answer.  So I send him a text telling him I am lost in the woods and freaking out.

"No one knows where you are, how is anyone going to find you?"

Because ya know, I realize I called my son (who is in NC) but did not occur to me that if I REALLY needed to I could call the Boardman PD. Or my mom.  Or my friends. On the phone. In my hand.

But suddenly...up ahead in the distance...I saw the pavilion that I had passed earlier.  Oh great day in the morning! My heart leapt!  I traipsed through the woods keeping the pavilion in my sites. 

Then I found the paved road and felt like kicking up my heels.  Apparently, the paved road curves to the left, but I just kept walking straight along the creek bed and well...end of the story is I didn't get lost forever in the woods.  Shew!

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