Thursday, May 14, 2020

I am now free to roam about the country, while wearing a mask of course...

Well, I have been back out here with Mark for a week.  Things are going well, but its weird. I used to take every chance I could to get out of the truck.  Now, not so much.  I HATE wearing the mask so I would rather just not going in anywhere than put it on.  It's just as well.  I need to leave the Kit Kat bars in the truck stops for other people anyway. 

Since we left Boardman on May 5th, we have been in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and my newest additions to my list of states I have been in Montana and North Dakota.  That just leave the New England states and Alaska I have not visited.  Montana was a bit different than I expected it to be, but gorgeous nonetheless. The pics I took there will not be in this post but Ill try to get them up in a day or so.

Mark and I are getting along great, he is on day 15 today of non-smoking and I could not be more proud of him.  His mood is pretty good and if he is really struggling, he is doing well at hiding it.  This is much different than previous attempts so we are very encouraged.

The weather has been ALL OVER the place.  We have been in rain, wet snow, 29 degree cold, and 80 degree gorgeous weather.  The warmest places we have been were Washington and Oregon.  The coldest was last night in Montana.  We went to bed and it was lovely, woke up and it was 29 degrees outside and 58 in the truck.  I was not happy to have to get out from under the covers!

We are currently in North Dakota and will head on to Wisconsin tomorrow.  

Here is a smattering of pics.  Ill probably post just pics tomorrow but my sister said I had to give an update with this blog.

Stay safe! Lots of love.

Sinclair Refinery

See that little white dot?  yeah, that's a semi truck!

And of course, thats a train!

Took this pic to see if that was a nest that I was seeing on top of those towers.  Caught the bird on the bottom purely by accident.

That's a lot of bull..

Saw field after field of these flowers.

And fields of these white flowers also..

Big ole waterfall.  I wish it had been later in the day to have more light to get a better shot.

Life is a little like The Hunger Games right now.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

Isn't she pretty?

For Mom.  Sorry there is no baseball going on now.. :(

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