Monday, May 4, 2020

Happy birthday, Mom!

My mom's birthday is Tuesday May 5!

A few weeks ago I had decided that since I was going to  be gone back on the truck on the 5th, I wanted to do something special for my mom on Sunday the 3rd.  I talked to my sister Susan and told her that I would cook lunch and we could do a 'surprise driveway birthday party".  We would do it outside so we could keep our distance from one another.  I was a bit nervous about it all but in the end I knew we could do it safely.

I planned a simple menu of some of her favorites and got some super cute decorations.  When I told Adam about my plan he didn't hesitate and told me he would be here to celebrate his Grammie also. Mark would come in on Saturday the 2nd so we could all socially distance party together.

Mark and I got there and sent her back in the house and told her to stay put until I called her and told her she could come out.  Then I called Susan and Derek who were waiting up the street and told them to come on so we could get set up.  Adam was still up the street waiting for the call to come down.  We got the stuff set up and then I told Mom and Dale they could come out.  I think she was surprised!
All smiles when she came outside to see what we had done!

Once she came out I texted Adam and told him to come down.  When he pulled in Mom said " Who is that?"  I told her it was the guy delivering the cake.  And technically he was, the cupcakes were in his car!    When he got out of the car she was very happy to see him!

We ate, talked and laughed and laughed for a couple hours.  It felt ALMOST normal.   And while it was super fun to get to hang out, it was VERY hard to leave without being able to hug her, Dale, Susan and Derek.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in July and prayerfully being able to give them all a squeeze.

An all around great weekend was had and the weather was perfect!

Please join me in wishing my mom, Rita Conti Anderson, and VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Also, got to watch Adam play some disc golf at Boardman Park and of course, had to take pics of my beautiful baby!

Much love!

The beautiful birthday girl!

Also, we apparently had a "gun show"

My awesome sister and brother in law!

Please Grammie, just one hug?  (nope)

Adam keeping his social distance from Grammie!

Mom said " We are six feet apart!  3 feet from each of our arms!"  LOL As if our arms are three feet each!

Me and my cutie patootie!

And now for some disc golf pics....

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  1. What a wonderful surprise for your Mom. She is well worth it and she is very lucky to have such a beautiful family around her.