Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Coke Ovens, Leetonia Ohio

Had to go do some shopping for my mom today and decided to stop at the Coke Ovens to grab some more camera practice.

What are the Coke Ovens you say?  Well, I just happen to have a link to the place right here:

Coke Ovens

The ovens were used to purify coal that was mined in Leetonia and Washingtonville and then the coal was used to make iron.

It's a pretty nifty thing to see.  The weather was not nearly as warm and sunny today as yesterday so I didn't stay long, but long enough to take 90 photos.  Sure am glad I don't have to pay to have all that film developed! (Nod to Granny Covey 💖)

Anyway, enjoy!

Much love.

Not at the Coke Ovens, at the VFW in Leetonia

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