Monday, April 20, 2020

Kathy's day out

Why is it before the quarantine (ya know, during the winter) I had NO problem staying in this apartment for weeks at a time but the moment you tell me I cannot leave, the minutes tick by like hours.

But gloriously, today I got out!  I could not have picked a nicer day.  The sky was blue and the breeze was lovely.  I made my escape to the cemetery to check on the arrangements I had made earlier this year for my dad's grave and then went to Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park.

I was very excited to try out my new camera.  It has been over a year since I last had my hot little hands on a real camera.  My phone take great pics, but just not the same by any stretch of the imagination.

I have been taking some online photography classes and was anxious to put some of my new knowledge to the test.  I took 362 pics and after editing out the dreck I was left with 142.  Don't panic I am not posting them all here.    Some of them are good, some not as good but I had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to learning more.

Less than two weeks before I am back on the truck so I need to get busy.

Hope you are all mentally healthy, physically happy and learning something new during your quarantine time!

Much love!

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  1. So pretty! What a beautiful day with the best subjects to take pictures of! I love taking pics of my plants! I wish I had one of those tulip magnolias! Can’t wait for the pics from the road!