Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Congaree National Park


Got up on Sunday morning and drank my coffee while watching a really nice sunrise.  I was encouraged that I would finally get some beach time but after consulting the weather forecast, it turns out storms were supposed to roll in around lunch time so inland was the way to go.

A quick Google search informed me that there was a national park (who knew!) just under three hours away, so I knew what the new plan was for the day.  

Congaree NP did not disappoint. I have never seen any park quite like this and I am not sure where I would ever see anything quite like it anywhere else.  Saw a snake,ewwwww (got a good pic), saw an alligator in the lake (got a pic but it's terrible and you cant tell what it is, so that's lame).

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Thanks for checking them out.

Love to all!

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