Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Hey May....December called and they want their weather back..

 Had a couple adventures over the last week or so and they all had one thing in common.  Besides being fun and with people I adore, they were all unseasonably COLD!

Last weekend I went to Columbus to visit my bestie, Robin and her kids.  On Friday while Theo was in school Robin and I took Mae to the Slate Run Living Historical Farm Slate Run.  It's a really lovely farm outside Columbus.  Sadly the farmhouse was not open for tours (thanks, Covid) but the barn was open and we were open and able to see plenty of animals including a two day old lamb.  I was shocked at how tiny it was. We hung out there for awhile and then the rain rolled back in so we headed out.

Saturday morning Theo had a soccer game which was a blast.  It was so fun watching all those little guys run around playing their hearts out.  Theo did really well out there and seemed to really enjoy himself.  I got some great shots of the boys playing.  After the game was over I headed home to the cats who seemed to not even notice I had been gone for two days! Ha!

Mark came home the following Monday afternoon. We had lots of running around and doctor appointments to tend to.  Wednesday morning after his second dose of Moderna we went for a hike in Mill Creek Park in, you guessed it, the cold and rain! 

Mark left on Thursday and on Friday I was off to the next adventure.

My friend Jen and I went up to Dunkirk, NY to go beachcombing looking for beach glass and just to get some beautiful photos.  It was cold and windy but we had a great time.   We stopped at Barcelona Beach to catch the sunset and then retired for the evening. We stayed overnight in the Theatre Motel.  It was really old and slightly sketch from the outside but surprisingly clean and cute on the inside.  It was very comfortable and I would totally stay there again. 

Saturday morning we got up and ran by the Barcelona Lightouse (closed due to Covid).  We then headed to Point Gratiot Park and the Dunkirk Lighthouse.  We took a tour of the lighthouse keepers house and then went up to the top of the lighthouse.  That was really cool.

We hit a few  more beaches and then headed toward Presque Isle near Erie, PA.  We stopped at a few beaches there, and the lighthouse that was also closed due to Covid.  It was INSANELY windy there so we didnt stay long.  The day was getting late so we stopped for some dinner and headed home.

We had a really great time and can't wait to do it again.  

I spent this afternoon with my mom for Mother's Day and then have been sitting here like a bump on a log since I got home.  I am beat!

I hope you all had a great weekend and I hope this weather starts to warm up!

Much love.

I out a couple short videos up on You Tube up if youw ant to check them out.  You can find them here:

Home is Where the Truck is YT channel

Slate Run Living Historical Farm

Theo- age 6.5

Mae -age 3.5

Hike in Mill Creek Park

Dunkirk, NY and Presque Isle, PA

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Light House

Point Gratiot Beach

Yes the water was just as cold as one might imagine

I would really love to know what this was a skeleton of.

Dunkirk Light House

View From the top of the Dunkirk Lighthouse

View From the top of the Dunkirk Lighthouse

View From the top of the Dunkirk Lighthouse

Some rando beach near an old power plant

Dunkirk Pier

Presque Isle
Presque Isle Lighthouse

Thanks for supporting me and my continued efforts to keep this blog going even though I am not on the truck right now!  It means the world to me!

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