Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Niagara Falls, NY . America's answer to Siberia's weather.

 Last week when I went to Lake Erie and was so amazed by the frozen-ness of it all I decided that should I find that Niagara Falls was frozen in any part I was going.  When I saw on the Facebook page for Niagara Falls talking about how parts of it were frozen I knew it was time!  

We left here on Monday morning around 7am.  Got to the Falls around 10:45 or so.  It was super windy and cold, hardly anyone else out there.  We went right to Goat Island to head to the Cave of the Winds.   Our ticket time was for 11:07 so by the time we ran around looking for a little girls room it was time to head to the elevator to go down 175 feet to the base of the falls.  We wandered around down there for a bit taking photos and talking to the tour guide.  There was only one other couple down there with us (and they were fully vaccinated).  We learned from the tour guide that each fall the stairs/platforms the climb up next to the falls, nearly to the top, are dismantled.  In the spring they will rebuild them.  Each year the rebuild is slightly different than the year prior and is based on the changing of the rock structure behind and next to the falls.  You can read more about the Cave of the Winds tour here: Cave of the Winds tour

After the Cave of the Winds we went across the bridge to another part of the Niagara Falls State Prospect Point Park where the observation deck and gardens are.  Our hotel was a five minute walk from the observation tower.   While were were the it started snowing, and snowing and snowing.  The wind was insane and it felt like the temp dropped 15 degrees.  Lots of great views from over there. You can read more about the observation tower here: Observation Tower

Once we were numb to the point of pain we decided to make a stop at the Niagara Falls Aquarium to get out of the weather for a bit since it was still to early to check into the hotel.  It was a small aquarium but had some really neat things to see.  I was totally enamored with the jelly fish exhibit.  They had four different types and they were really just so cool. Niagara Aquarium   

When we were done at the aquarium we went to check into the hotel and warm up for a few hours. I debated back and forth about whether I wanted to re-dress and go back out to see the falls lit up.  I was leaning towards not when Adam encouraged me to just go do it.  So once the sun went down we bundled up, though not nearly enough we would find, and headed across the street and through the park to the falls side.  The light color changes every 15 minutes this time of year but it was so painfully cold that we only managed to stay for two colors.  Niagara is LIT

 Once back to the hotel we ordered dinner (overpriced and under-taste) and then we conked out for the night.  Busy day for two old broads Chris and I. :)

Tuesday morning I got up and got dressed and braved the elements myself.  It was slightly less windy and was not snowing, but the temp was only 14. That's pretty dang cold.  I walked all along the river and the falls line for about 45 minutes and then headed back so we could get on the road.

We had a really good time and I am already looking forward to going back in the spring.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and look at my pics!  I really appreciate your support.

Love to all!

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1- platforms at the Cave of the Winds

2- Elevator for Cave of the Winds

3- Where I stood for Horseshoe Falls pics

4- Where photos of the American Falls and River pics were taken from

Bridal Veil Falls as seen from Cave of the Winds deck
Bridal Veil Falls as seen from Cave of the Winds deck

Horseshoe Falls (Canadian)from base of COTW

now defunct hydro electric power plant, Canadian side

Top of the Horseshoe falls

Top of the Horseshoe Falls

Not all the snow was so beautiful!

Top of the Horseshoe Falls

    Aquarium Niagara

Sunset from our hotel room

The sky was crazy.  The layer of snow clouds with the remainder of the day sky behind/under them

Tuesday morning
Most things frozen that were not frozen the day before due to the 23 degree drop in temps.

The day before I said I wanted to see this tree trunk go over the falls.  This morning it was totally covered with a thick covering of ice.

Rainbow Bridge that connects the US and Canada

And some Camera pics:


  1. So glad you ladies braved the intense weather to capture these beautiful pictures for the rest of us! It’s on my bucket list, in the warmer weather!

  2. It's a very beautiful place, sorry I missed it.