Sunday, January 5, 2020

Did ya miss me? Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great holiday.  Mine was nice, different, but nice.  Got to spend Christmas with my mom and family here which I have not gotten to do since the boys were little.  Adam surprised us and showed up on the 23rd (instead on the 28th like planned) so he was here for Christmas and that made me over the moon happy.  Andrew and Mark got here on the 28th which was a day earlier than I planned to see them.  I really enjoyed having them all here, even if it was a bit noisier than I am used to.  I wouldn't have changed it for the world.  We had our traditional junk food pigfest on NYE but I was ready to go to bed by 10.  LOL.

      Adam left on NY day since he had to work on the 2nd.  Mark also left then as he had a load to pick up on the 2nd in Indiana.  Got to have one last day with just Drew and I and I enjoyed it totally.  Thursday morning he was on his way and I was alone again.  Moments after they were gone, I missed them already!

I've been in the apartment nearly two months now and I am enjoying it for the most part.  November and December were busy getting unpacked and preparing for Christmas.  Not sure what I will do now.  I may look for a job..I may not. I started a Bible Study on the 1st that will take me a year to complete so I am excited about that challenge. I really want to start my jewelry empire but nervous about that.  I definitely want to get back to blogging  but have to have something worth writing about.  :)  Being " retired" was more fun when I was on the truck.  I do plan to get back on the truck at some point this spring.  Will be on there for 5-6 weeks at a time whenever I do go.

Anyway, just wanted to say hey and wish you all a Happy 2020!  Hope it's your best year yet!

I leave you with some pics of the apartment and a few from the holidays!

Much love!

Bible Study station

Saying see you later to my mini me!

See you in a month, husband!

My Ad.

Happy New Year!

My annual glass of wine.

2020 NYE Pig Fest!

Adam and Andrew(not pictured) made the wings and they were amazing!

Christmas (after the fact) dinner

Belated Christmas cheesy potatoes

They are here!

My sofa

How my sofa was delivered.

Mom taught me to make pizzelles

Thanksgiving dinner at Moms

Burned my arm!  Yikes! 
My birthday pie  Yummy!

Dominos on my birthday!

Isn't moving fun??

I drove the Uhaul!

Move in day!



  1. I think it is very funny that my son's name is Andrew and we call him Drew. Just a little spooky.