Monday, August 5, 2019

4th of July in Ohio

Was so excited to spend  few days in Ohio over the 4th of July with Andrew, Adam and my family. Adam and I drove up on the 4th, Andrew arrived on the 3rd.
mmmmm Cocca's pizza
It was a short visit but we got in lots of important activities.

We celebrated Dale's 70th birthday, we went to the family reunion, we shopped at Gabes, we spent time with mom, and of course we ate at Cocca's Pizza.  The boys also had Handel's ice cream.

It was especially great to get to see my sister Trisha, her husband Keith and my gorgeous (and smart) niece Camilla. 

The time was brief but meaningful.

While I was visiting family, Mark got a new truck assigned to him so that was exciting as well.

Here are a few pics from our short and sweet visit!

Love to all!

The helmets are as old as my oldest son.  Go Saints!

Sunset on the way to Ohio on the 4th of Jully

Part of my awesome family!

Camilla and Dale

Sister Trisha, BIL Keith, niece Camilla and sdad, Dale

Happy birthday, Dale!

The lights of my life.

My "baby' and me.

Mini me, and me

My life.

Lake Milton.  Site of our family reunion

Susan and I with the worst lighting EVER

Uncle Derek, Adam, Andrew and Aunt Suzy Poozy

Mom, Adam, Andrew and Bruiser

I hate saying goodbye!
Adam heading back to NC.  Bye son!  Safe travels!
Saying goodbye to this one too..:(
The hardest you mom

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