Thursday, April 18, 2019

Short blog update, lots of pics.

Ooh so much excitement to report.  Just kidding.  THANKFULLY, things have been pretty boring.  Not much excitement to report. 

We "celebrated' Mark's birthday on the 4th of April by eating horrible food at Denny's.  Sadly that was the highlight of a day that saw us stuck in traffic and then sitting at a shipper waiting for 6.5 hours to be loaded.  All of the boys called or texted Mark.  Neither he nor I consider our birthdays anything to get excited about so Denny's was a treat for Mark.  Much different than the low sodium, low fat and low carb food we have been eating.

Just a bunch of random trucking stuff aside from that. We have been from GA to SC, then to IL, then to IN and then to TX.  Then to AL then back to TX.  We had the "pleasure" of sitting in Laredo, TX for three days last weekend waiting on a load, and now we are in CA.  We deliver in OR by midnight tomorrow night.  The weather here is perfection and I absolutely could not be happier.  Very excited to get to see Oregon.

We will be back in NC on May 3 for a follow up Dr appointment.  Mark's foot is healing very well and he is anxious to get the go ahead to put a regular shoe on.

We will have an exciting update to share next week so be on the look out,

Love to all!

This shower room was HUGE!

Fog over a river

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